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Вставте дієслова у минулій формі.
1. It (to be) the poorest room he ever (to see).
2. No sooner she (to arrive) at the station than a fast London train (to come in).
3. It (to be decided) to say nothing to Sidney until the answer (to be received).
4. Arthur (to go) up to his room. Nothing in it (to be changed) since his arrest.
5. No wonder he (to be) very tired. He (to work) too hard for the last three months.
6. He (to learn) English for 2 years when he went to England.
7. He (to know) Mary for two years when they (to decide) to get married.
8. She (to say) it in a voice he never (to hear) before.
9. I (to look) into the kitchen. Mary-Ann (to put) the supper on a tray to take it into the dining room.
10. I (to be) fifteen and just (to come) back from school for the summer holiday.
11. It (to rain) heavily since the morning and she (not to allow) the children to go out.12. Soon I (to get) a letter from her to the effect that she (to return) from the South of France; she (to want) me
to meet her.
13. I (to see) a man whom I (to meet) in Kiev.
14. I (to finish) my work for the day and (to rest) quietly in my armchair, thinking of the days that (to go) by.
15. George, who (to laugh) loudly, suddenly (to break off).
16. She (to read) the book ever since she (to come) from school and couldn’t tear herself away from it.
17. She (to know) Jim for more than ten years, ever since her husband, who (to teach) at that time in a Grammar
school in London, first had made his acquaintance through the Labour Party.
18. He (to say) he (to wait) for more than an hour.
19. I (to be) sure they (to talk) about me, because they (to break off) as soon as I (to enter).
20. He (to say) he (to get) two letters from Alice

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