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1.My car _________________________ (break) down. I can’t drive home.

2. I _________________________ (know) her since I ___________________ (be) a child.

3. __________________________ (you/already/know) her?

4. When _________________________ (you/see) a wolf?

5. ____________________________ (you/ever/be) to New York?

6. Since when _________________________ (you/know) her?

7. You are just in time. The program _____________________ (start).

8. Hush! The film _________________________ (just/start)!

9. You are too late. The program _______________________ (start) at least an hour ago.

10. My tape-recorder ________________________ (be) out of order for ages. It’s about time I bought a new one.

11. She looks young because she _______________________ (lose) some weight.

12. Look! Somebody ________________________ (spill) milk on the new carpet!

13. He ________________________ (be) a cashier for years. Now he is a manager.

14. I _____________________ (paint) the front of the house. It’s as good as new.

15. What _________________________ (you/do) so far?

16. Up to now they ______________________ (choose) three courses.

17. She used to be a managing director. - How long ________________________ (she/run) the company? How long __________________________ (she/be) retired?

18. The television ____________________ (go) wrong twice in the last few weeks.

19. I ________________________ (meet) George the other day.

20. It ____________________ (be) an hour since it _____________________ (start) snowing.

21. I _____________________ (not know) you _________________ (be) so stupid!

22. Where _____________________ (you/buy) these shoes?

23. What _______________________ (you/do) with my favourite jeans? I can’t find them anywhere.

24. He ______________________ (leave) the district. – Why _______________________ (he/leave)? _________________________ (not he like) his house?

25. I ________________________ (never/see) Sheila. - ____________________ (not) you? She is as pretty as a picture!

My granny _________________________ (see) Winston Churchill but ___________________________________ (never/speak) to him.

2. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form:

1. I saw __________________________ (you/dance) and I’ll never be the same again.
2. I saw _______________________ (he/not be right) but I didn’t feel like arguing.
3. I heard ____________________________________________________________ (he/come in/close the door and creep) upstairs.
4. I feel in my bones ______________________________ (he/hate me).
5. I hate dancing but I enjoy watching others ___________________________ (do) it.
6. She smelled ___________________________ (something/cook) in the kitchen.
7. I saw _____________________________ (he/steal) money from Meg’s purse.
8. I felt ____________________________ (she/take) the wallet out of my pocket, and grabbed her hand.
9. She ____________________________ (make/I/ do) it, I swear, I ___________________________ (make/do) it, I ___________________________ (force/do) it!
10. They never let __________________________ (the children/go out) so late. It’s no use trying, the kids won’t ______________________ ___________ (let or not allow?/come) with you.
11. She can get him _________________________ (do) anything she will think of, he’s head over heels in love with her.
12. Have him _________________ (do) the cleaning, the room is a mess.
13. I don’t allow my husband __________________________ (smoke) in the bedroom. - I don’t allow ____________________________ (smoke) in the house at all!
14. We were advised _______________________ (choose) The Radisson but I wouldn’t recommend __________________________ (stay) there – it’s so expensive!
15. My parents have always encouraged me ________________________ (study) hard but in this school they just encourage ____________________________ (cheat).
16. I consider ____________________________ (it/be) a waste of time.
17. I didn’t expect ___________________________ (he/be) so rude.
18. I’m waiting for ____________________________________ (you/return).
19. I believe ____________________________________ (he/be) a promising musician.
20. I don’t want ___________________________________ (misunderstand).
21. We have arranged for the flowers __________________________ (deliver) tomorrow.
I have arranged for him ____________________________ (see) one of the best neurologists in the country.

3. Put the verbs in brackets in the required form

1. I’m looking forward to ___________________ (meet) his parents.
2. I don’t feel like __________________ (work). Why not _____________ (have) a snack?
3. She couldn’t help _____________________ (laugh) when she looked at him.
4. Would you mind __________________ (put) your pet snake somewhere else?
5. He distracted his mind by ___________________ (go) to as many parties as he could.
6. Most celebrities have much interest in _____________________ (write) about in newspapers.
7. I have always liked ___________________ (take) risks.
8. You know you risk ________________________ (arrest).
9. She couldn't hide her disappointment at ___________________ (leave) out of the team.
10. If a thing is worth ____________ (do) at all, it is worth ______________ (do) well (proverb)
11. Some young men enjoy _________________ (play) poker.
12. I can't imagine ___________________________ (my husband, grumble) about clothes - he doesn't care what he wears.
13. I couldn’t really afford ________________________ (buy) the dress but it was so stunning that I couldn’t help ______________________ (buy) it.
14. When I was younger, I _____________________________ (be used) to _______________________________ (walk) long distances, but I’m out of practice now.
15. Your car is so dirty. It needs _________________________ (wash).
16. In the present circumstances he won’t risk _________________ (lose) his job.
17. I appreciate _________________________ (give) a hand when I was moving house.
18. There is no point in _____________________ (give) him a false impression.
19. Did the kids really offer ___________________ (do) the dishes? Naughty little devils must be up to no good - they _________________ (be) too nice!
20. I suggested ______________________ (go) in my car but they _______________________ (feel) like _________________________ (walk).
21. It’s no use ______________________ (try) again, I can’t persuade him. He flatly refused _________________________ (discuss) the matter.
22. I’ve just had the pleasure of ____________________________ (introduce) to your sister.
23. It’s no use ____________________________ (cry) over spilt milk. You’ve failed ____________________ (keep) your marriage _____________________ (go).
24. The children were annoyed at ___________________________ (tell) to leave the room.
25. I’m tired of ________________________________ (treat) like a child.
26. If you invest your money in that business, you risk _______________________ (lose) it.
27. Oh, stay upstairs until he ____________________ (leave). You can’t risk _________________________ (spot) here.
28. Jack went to his bedroom without ___________________________ (notice).
29. The children prefer ____________________ (watch) TV to ___________________ (read).
30. He gave up _________________ (gamble) when he was 40 because of ______________ (be) broke.
31. The Duchess is still very active in spite of ______________________ (not be) in particularly good health.
32. It is a bit of a shock: I ___________________________ (not be used) to _______________________ (pay) so much for a sandwich and a glass of beer.
33. Niagara Falls is well worth____________________________ (see). It's one of the most spectacular sights in the world.
34. I ________________________ (avoid) ___________________________ (get) down to work all day. It’s about time I _______________________ (start).
35. After _________________ (read) this article you will give up ________________ (smoke).
36. Although Joe slammed on his brakes he ___________________________ (cannot/avoid) _________________________ (hit) the small dog which suddenly darted out in front of his car.
37. Joan _____________________________________ (now/consider/change) her major from pre-med studies to psychology.
38. Despite ______________________ (be) rich, he doesn’t mind _____________________ (treat) to a good meal or a round of drinks.

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