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Не понимаю в англ ничего(( учила немецкий((( помогите(((
Fill in the blanks by using ‘to-infinitive’, ‘bare-infinitive’ or ‘gerund’. Translate.

1. Could you please stop ____________(make) so much noise?
2. Tom refused ____________(lend) me any money.
3. Don’t let them ____________(try) this dangerous game!
4. I don’t enjoy ____________ (write) letters.
5. Miss Lee was very strict. No one dared ____________ (talk) during her
6. I ‘ve arranged ____________(play) tennis tomorrow afternoon.
7. Tom made Ann ____________(cry) yesterday.
8. Have you finished ____________(wash) your hair yet?
9. Ann offered ____________(look) after our children while we were out.
10.He admitted _____________(steal) our car.
11.She doesn’t want ____________(go) home now.
12.It is not allowed ____________(talk) in the library.
13.Would you mind ____________(answer) me some questions?
14.They are watching their children ____________(play).

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