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1. Make the grammatical and lexical analysis of the following sentences and translate them
1 The role of the Japanese military is a touchy subject, one that rattles China and other neighbors as well as Japanese citizens, all parties that till have bitter feelings about Japan's role in World War II. 2 With economic confidence across Europe already fragile and
economists cutting back growth forecasts, rising jobless totals in Europe's biggest economy threaten to further sour the mood, economists said. 3 “It is not an easy problem. But if we don't stop the conflict now, it clearly will spread. And then, we will not be able to stop it except at far greater cost and risk”. 4 The wealth of Britain's architectural heritage rests upon strata of changing taste. 5 There were no reports of violence during the protest. But scattered Christian-Muslim skirmishes on the island injured a handful of people Friday, witnesses said. 6 Many economists are predicting the labor market will weaken somewhat this year, although it will remain healthy by historical stan¬dards. 7 The state's troubles sent the Brazilian stock market plummeting as investors speculated the political battle over the debt would weaken the central government resolve to slash a budget deficit and ease interest rates. 8 The claim that congressional approval strengthens a president's policy is not one that presidents leap to test. 9 Whereas everybody wants a new president of the European Com¬mission in place as soon as possible. Parliament — always keen on adding to its power — wants the procedure to go ahead under the new Amsterdam terms. 10 Iran and the Soviet Union once had the Caspian Sea to themselves, amicably dividing its precious caviar. The two knew the sea contained mineral wealth but neither did much about it. 11 “The larger a company gets, the more difficult it can be for the left hand to know what the right is doing”. 12 Hurt by the economic slump in Asia and a litany of production and deliver problems. Boeing sought to put the best face on its annual pro¬duction and delivery data. 13 Reflecting Japan's spectacular economic growth, Tokyo's rapid development and above all Maki's [architect] evolving architectural philosophy, the changes helped create a dynamic complex that today an-chors one of Tokyo's most popular neighborhoods. 14 Many critics of the government's program argue that it reflects what they say is Mr Blair's Achilles' heel: the desire to be all things to all people, to appeal to the conservative-leaning middle class that helped propel him into office in 1997 while not abandoning the poor and work¬ing classes, labour's traditional base. The tough talk, they say, is one thing; the reality may fall short of the promise. 15 Human rights are a basic American interest, and the administration should not flinch from promoting them. 16 The civil service is a black abyss of underpaid, underemployed, unsackable people. There are calls, for cutting the numbers radically, but if you do, you end up with an indigent army of unemployable people. 17 The once empty, and beautiful, Mediterranean shoreline has be¬come a solid block of wall-to-wall holiday homes with their private beaches and marinas for middle-class Egyptians. 18 Genre painting existed in the ancient world but was generally deemed an inferior pursuit suitable for less talented artists, an assumption that was inherited by the Renaissance establishment. 19 The native Melanesian Ambonese are mainly Christians but many Asian Muslims from elsewhere in the vast Indonesian archipelago have come to the island for business and as civil servants. 20 The democratic peoples [of NATO members] admittedly do not relish sending their soldiers into foreign fields, but the evidence of the 20th century — two world wars, the cold war and, in the 1990s, the Gulf and Bosnia — suggests that they will generally act when they conclude that a principle or a major interest is under attack. 21 The public outrage gave Beijing “a chance to redirect some of the political energy in a population that might otherwise be antigovernment”, says a China scholar of Wellesley College. 22 French, long dominant at the commission of Fl1, has been rapidly losing ground to English, which, the French note acidly. is not even a language of continental Europe. 23 Some economists warn that a further slowdown in Europe's economy could encourage opponents of the common currency, the euro, to blame Monetary Union for the hard times. 24 ...the description of a solution to a problem as a “political” solu¬tion implies peaceful debate and arbitration as opposed to what is often called a “military” solution. 25 The record number of mergers of large companies into even larger ones last year has raised fears at many arts organizations and other non¬profit groups that a decline in corporate donations may be an unfortunate byproduct.

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