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переведите текст на русский язык и ответьте на вопросы.


The animator organizes and provides entertainments for guests in a hotel or holiday resort. He also organizes entertainment programmes for passengers on a cruise ship.
The animator conducts parties, shows, sport or arts contests, games for children and grown-ups. He involves guests in action: games and shows.
The chief animator manages the staff of animators. He is also called the social director. He communicates with guests a lot.
The animator speaks a few foreign languages. He communicates with guests in their native languages.
He is very artistic, he usually dances well, sings well and acts like an actor.
The animator is an easy-going and cheerful person. He is a pretty good mixer. He is the main entertainer in the tourist industry.

1. Where does the animator work?
2. What does the animator do?
3. Why does the animator speak a few foreign languages?
4. What does the animator do like an actor?
5. What kind of person is the animator?

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