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1.ответьте на вопросы к тексту:
Mr John
Turner is 30. He is married and he has got his own family. He has a wife, a daughter and a son. His wife is an economist. Her name is Jane. The names of their children are Kate and Peter. They live in a small house in Greenwood. Greenwood is a small place not far from London.
John works in London. He is the manager of a big trade firm. His firm sells the goods to various countries. In the morning he always goes to his office in London on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He doesn`t go to his office on Saturday and Sunday. These are his days-off.
John frequently meets the representatives of English and French firms. They discuss the prices, terms of payment and delivery. He begins his working day at 9. Every morning John first looks through fresh newspapers. He takes much interest in the latest political and business news. Sometimes John goes to different cities to discuss business with their customers. He is a very busy man. He always has a lot of work. He looks through mail, reads telegrams and letters, speaks on the phone with the customers. He also makes appointments with his business partners.
At twelve he has lunch. After lunch he sometimes stays in the office and discusses business matters with director or customers. He finishes his working day at 6 o`clock in the evening. He usually comes home at 7.
Linda Foster is a secretary to Mr John Turner. Her office is not large. She has got a computer, a fax and a telephone on her desk. Linda comes to her office at nine every morning from Monday to Friday. At the beginning of her working day Linda usually looks though the mail. She receives both snail-mail and e-mail. At 11 o`clock she comes into her manager`s office with the letters and telegrams. The manager reads them and gives answers to the letters. Linda writes everything in her book and goes to her office. There she types the answers on her computer. She also receives and sends e-mail correspondence.
In the afternoon Linda usually has lunch at the office but sometimes she has lunch at the café with her friend Alex. She stays in the office till 6. In the evening Linda has her French lessons. She learns French for two years already. Linda wants to know French well because she wants to work with French firms and customers.

1) Is John Turner married?
2) How old is he?
3) Has he got his own family?
4) What is his wife’s profession?
5) What are the names of their children?
6) Where do they live?
7) What is John Turner’s profession?
8) What does his firm sell?
9) What are John Turner’s working days?
10) What are John Turner’s days-off?
11) What does he do during his working day?
12) What is Linda Foster?
13) What does she do during her working day?
14) What does she learn French for?

напишите вопросы, на которые можно дать следующие ответы:
1. Yes, John Turner has got a family.
2. His family is not large. It's small.
3. Yes, they've got two children.
4. Their names are Kate and Peter.
5. His wife is an economist.
6. No, they don't live in London.
7. Greenwood is a small place not far from London.
8. He is the manager ot a big trade firm.
9. Her name is Linda.
10. Linda gets e-mail every day.
12. Linda comes to the office at nine.
13. Linda usually has lunch at the office.
14. She learns French.

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