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Размещено 19.02.2015 14:28:01

Использовать глаголы данные в скобках в правильном времени.
Long ago there ...(live) a king. One morning he...(go) for a walk. He ...
(be) very thoughtful that day and in a few hours ...(find) himself in a small village not far
from his capital city. He ... (stop) at a farm to have lunch. He ....(order) some tea, a few cheese
sandwiches and some boiled eggs. The king .. (eat) everything and ...(ask) the farmer ...(reply),
"A hundred pounds, sir". The king was very surprised. "....(be) it so difficult to find eggs in your
village?" asked the king. " No, it ...(be) difficult to fnd a king in our village", ...(say) the farmer.

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