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Помогите пожалуйста сделать английский.
Select the correct alternative to COMPLETE the sentences.
1 She ( chat / apologise) likes to to friends on the PHONE.
2 I really think you should ( chat / apologise) for what you have done.
3 He's always (warning / moaning) about things: the weather, the economy, the government.
4 You can't say that I didn't (warn / moan ) you. I told you he would be angry.
5 When you're stressed, you are more likely to (gossip / argue) about silly things, like who does the washing-up.
6 They like to go out in the evening and (gossip / argue) about other friends, and what they're doing.
7 He (boasted / complimented) me on the dress I was wearing.
8 She likes to ( boast / compliment) about how much money she earns and how she is the best at her job.
9 We'll be leaving (near / shortly).
10 I can't see him leaving his job in the (near / shortly). future.
11We'd like to buy our own house in a (term /year) or two.
12In the long (term / year) , I think she made the right decision.
13I'd like to start my own business at some point in the future, but that will be a (short / long) time from now.
14In the (short / long) term, over the next few weeks, we want to see business improve.
15In ten (next / years) time, I hope to be a surgeon.
16 (next / years) month, we will celebrate twenty years of marriage.

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