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I. Посавьте предложения в отрицательную форму и задайте общий, альтернативный, специальный вопросы и вопрос к подлежащему.
They are crossing the street.
The key is on the shelf.
They want to buy some new chairs.
Samuel Johnson published his famous dictionary in 1755.
He likes to speak English with her.
Nina and her sister will be busy in the evening.
II.Put the verbs into the Past Indefinite Tense.
1. It (be) two weeks before Christmas and Mrs Smith (be) very busy. She (buy) a lot of Christmas cards to send to her friends and to her husband's friends and (put) them on the table in the living-room. 2. Then, when her husband (come) from work, she (say) to him, “Here (be) the Christmas cards for our friends, here (be) some stamps, a pen and our book of addresses. 3. Mr Smith (say, not) anything, but (walk) out of the living-room and (go) to his study. Mrs Smith (be) very angry with him but (say, not) anything either. 4. Then a minute later he (come) back with a box full of Christmas cards. All of them (have) addresses and stamps on them. 5. “These (be) from last year", he (say). “I (forget) to post them”.
III.Put the verbs in brackets into Present Indefinite or Present Continuous.
1. Where (be) Mary? - She (be) in the kitchen. What she (do) there? She (cook) dinner. She always (cook) it for the family? As a rule she (do) 2. What they (discuss) now? They (speak) about their exams. 3. What Mike (do)? He (translate) an article from Russian into English. He (know) English well? Yes. Tie (do). 4. He often (walk) to the plant? No, he usually (go) by bus. Where's Peter'? He (have) his English lesson' Tie..always (have) it at this time? Twice a week. 5. Where your parents (live)'? b Where you (go)? To the. library. You often (go) to the library? Twice a week. 7. Our teacher (stand, not) right now. She (sit) at her desk.

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