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I. Выберите правильную видовременную форму глагола и переведите
полученные предложения.
1. We sometimes ________ sailing at weekends.
a) had gone
b) have gone
c) go
d) are going
2. What’s that smell? Something ______.
a) had burnt
b) have burnt
c) burnt
d) is burning
3. I came to the station. My brother _______ for me on the platform.
a) have waited
b) waits
c) waited
d) was waiting
4. I _______ while my friend is writing a letter.
a) am reading
b) will be reading
c) read
d) to read
5. I _______ my work by 5 o’clock.
a) will finish
b) will have finished
c) finished
d) finish
6. I went by train and ________ at the station by my aunt.
a) is met
b) meets
c) meet
d) was met
7. National parks usually ______ on the basis of their unique qualities or
outstanding natural beauty.
a) select
b) are selected
c) is selected
d) selected
8. Numerous innovations _______ now by business firms in Europe and the
United States to combat the increasing dissatisfaction of employees at every
level with the quality of their lives.
a) are being tried
b) are tried
c) are trying
d) try
9. The house ________ up for the summer and it ________ after by the
a) were locked, were looked
b) have been locked, have been looked
c) are being locked, are being looked
d) will be locked, will be looked
10.Petrol prices _______ since last summer.
a) are increased
b) will be increased
c) were increased
d) have been increased
II. Выберите правильную форму модального глагола и переведите
полученные предложения.
1. Even on a clear night, astronomers _______ not see everything.
a) must
b) should
c) can
d) ought to
2. This is non smoking compartment, sir. You _______ not smoke here.
a) should
b) must
c) ought to
d) have to
3. “You _______ not be aware that I have royal blood in my veins”, he said.
a) should
b) must
c) ought to
d) may
4. I _______ have someone to show me the way from the station.
a) had to
b) must
c) should
d) could
5. He ________ have had a music lesson in the morning but the teacher called
up to cancel it.
a) was able to
b) was allowed to
c) was to
d) had to
III. Дополните предложения Причастием I или Причастием II. Переведите
на русский язык полученные предложения.
1. _______ in Africa, he saw a lot of interesting things.
a) Travelling
b) Travelled
c) Having travelled
2. ________ for two hours he felt rested.
a) Sleeping
b) Being slept
c) Having slept
d) Slept
3. ________ the wrong direction, he lost his way.
a) Showing
b) Having shown
c) Having been shown
d) Shown
4. Yesterday we received a letter _______ by Mr Brown on the 20th of
a) sending
b) having sent
c) having been sent
d) sent
5. ________ busy, he couldn’t see me.
a) Being
b) Been
c) Having been
d) Not being
IV. Переведите следующие предложения с русского языка на английский.
1. Я не имею ни малейшего представления, о чём вы говорите.
2. Всякий раз, когда вам встретится слово, которое вы не знаете,
посмотрите его в словаре.
3. Тебе следует навестить друга. Ты не видел его три недели.
4. Он проснулся. Возле его кровати звонил телефон.
5. Он не придёт. Я только что разговаривала с ним по телефону.
6. Юмор высоко ценят в Британии.
7. О фильме много говорили.
8. Этот дом будет построен в короткий срок.
9. Они должны делать, как им сказано.
10.Ты можешь делать, что хочешь.
11.Не следует задавать таких вопросов.
12.Наша работа должна быть закончена как можно скорее.
13.На экскурсии мы видели стену, построенную много сотен лет тому
14.Читая эту книгу, я должен был часто пользоваться словарём.
15.Прочитав книгу, он пошёл в библиотеку.
V. Заполните пропуск.
1. The flag of the United Kingdom is called ______.
a) Union Jack
b) Union James
c) Union Jim
d) Union Jacob
2. The head of the UK is______.
a) the President
b) the Monarch
c) the Parliament
d) the Governor
3. “Big Ben” is the name of _______.
a) the clock
b) the clock-tower
c) the bell
d) the tower
4. In the centre of Trafalgar Square in London is situated the statue of ______.
a) William Shakespeare
b) Admiral Nelson
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) George Washington
5. The Houses of Parliament are situated in ______.
a) Windsor
b) Westminster
c) the City
d) the West End
6. The United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales
and ________.
a) Northern Ireland
b) Irish Republic
c) Northern Isles
d) Iceland
7. The other name of Northern Ireland is _______.
a) Eire
b) Ulster
c) Kent
d) Dublin
8. The fundamental unit of British money is _______.
a) euro
b) pound
c) dollar
d) shilling
9. Almost all English kings and queens have been crowned in ______.
a) Westminster Abby
b) St. Paul’s Cathedral
c) Buckingham Palace
d) Tate Gallery
10.The official residence of the Prime Minister of Great Britain is situated in
London in _______.
a) Downing Street
b) Baker Street
c) Harley Street
d) Fleet Street
VI. Прочитайте текст и выполните задания после текста.
Britain in Brief
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with an area of
244, 000 square miles is situated on the British Isles, which are separated from the
European continent by the North Sea, the Strait of Dover and the English Channel.
Britain's population is over 56 million. Four out of every five people live in towns.
The largest cities of the country are London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester,
Glasgow and Edinburgh.
The UK is a monarchy: the head of the state is a king or a queen. In practice,
the Sovereign reigns, but does not rule: the UK is governed by the Government. The
present Sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II.
The territory of Great Britain is small. Yet the country has a wide variety of
The heart of Britain is England. It is the richest, the most fertile and most
populated in the country. The north and the west of England are mountainous, but all
the rest of territory is a vast plain. In Northwest England, there are many beautiful
lakes with green, wooded or grassy shores and grey mountains all around.
The smallest of Britain's countries is Wales. The largest part of Wales is
covered with rocky mountains, which are difficult to climb. Most people in Wales
live in the coastal plains.
Scotland is a land of mountains, wild moorlands, narrow valleys and plains,
famous lakes and no end of large and small islands. The Highlands of Scotland are
among the oldest mountains in the world. One-third of the people in Scotland live in
or near its capital, Edinburgh, and its great industrial center, Glasgow.
The capital of Great Britain, London, stands on the Thames. The Thames is the
busiest and the most important river in Great Britain, but it is not very long.
Задание 1. Задайте вопросы на английском языке и ответьте на них.
1. Какое географическое положение занимает Объединённое Королевство
Великобритании и Северной Ирландии?
2. Какие крупные города страны Вы знаете?
3. Каким является государственное устройство Объединенного
4. Какая часть страны является центром Британии?
5. Какая страна самая маленькая в Британии?
6. Столицей Шотландии является Эдинбург или Глазго?
7. На какой реке стоит столица Великобритании?
Задание 2. Перескажите текст, опираясь на заданные вопросы, как на
пункты плана.
VII. Переведите текст с английского языка на русский и ответьте на
Animal Husbandry
Agriculture provides people with food, feed and other useful products. All over
the world farmers cultivate valuable plants and raise productive domesticated
animals. There are two main branches in modern agriculture: crop production (or
crop farming) and animal husbandry (or animal farming).
Nowadays, in many countries people are still relying on meat, milk and eggs as
main sources of food. Both breeders and farmers have already bred and are still breeding
highly productive agricultural animals. Animal farming is a process in which a farmer
breeds, raises and cares for livestock either for commerce or private use.
The word "livestock" refers to domesticated animals such as beef and dairy
cattle, sheep, goats, swine (hogs), horses, donkeys and mules, buffalo, oxen, rabbits
or "exotic" animals, for example, camels, emus, ostriches, or any animal which a
farmer keeps and uses either for food or pleasure. Sometimes animal scientists
include in this term also poultry, such as chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, but they
include neither honey bees nor fish within the term "livestock". However, poultry
farming and beekeeping are important branches of agriculture as well as aquaculture1
There are over a hundred large land mammals in the world but man has
domesticated only few types into livestock. There are two main requirements for
domestication of mammals: 1) the availability2
of feed which a farmer can easily
control and provide; 2) a rapid rate of reproduction3
. As cattle, sheep and horses are
herbivorous mammals, farmers try to keep these domestic animals on pastures.
However, farmers often grow either cereals or other agricultural crops as additional
feed for their animals. Such ruminant animals as cattle, sheep and goats are important
for people because they convert large quantities of grasses or other types of feeds, as
well as non-protein nitrogen into meat, milk and wool. Poultry also convert feed
efficiently into protein.
aquaculture – аквакультура 2
availability – наличие (доступность) 3
a rate of reproduction – зд. скорость воспроизводства
Вопросы к тексту. Переведите на русский язык данные вопросы и дайте на
них ответы.
1. What does the term “animal husbandry” include?
2. Why is animal husbandry so important now?
3. What are the requirements for domestication of animals?
4. Why are ruminant animals valuable for animal husbandry?
5. What herbivorous animals do you know?
VIII. Прочитайте текст. Выполните задания после текста.
Pig Breeding
1. Systems of early weaning young pigs are now well established. This means
that pigs are weaned at live weights of between10 to 12 lb and this occurs at 3 weeks
of age. The food given to early-weaned pigs must be of very high quality, sow-milk
substitutes being produced now for this purpose. When pigs are early weaned, very
high standards of cleanliness of equipment and housing are required.
2. The majority of pigs are fattened indoors. The building must be warm and
dry. A suitable temperature ranges between 12°C and 18°C. Good ventilation is of
prime importance.
3. Whether the pigs are intended for bacon or pork, the feeding from weaning
until they reach 100 or 120 lb in weight is the same. The food must be palatable to
encourage the pigs to eat the maximum amount, and it must be nutritious and well
supplied with protein, minerals and vitamins. The food should also be of good
digestibility, low in fibre and ground to a suitable degree.
4. From about 120 lb the feeding of pigs vary according to the market for
which they are intended.
5. There is a considerable demand for high-quality bacon at present. Bacon
pigs are sold at between 190 lb and 210 lb; they must be lengthy1
animals without
excessive quantities of fat. That is why the production of bacon demands the greatest
skill in breeding, feeding and management.
6. The pork pigs may be slaughtered at any weight in the range between 100 lb
and 180 lb according to the market demand.
7. Hogbreeders want their sows and boars to be healthy and vigorous. If a sow
is prolific and a good mother she may be kept for breeding up to 5 years or longer.
1 Lengthy – длинный (об экстерьере животного)
Задания к тексту.
1. Определите, является ли утверждение:
The food must be palatable, nutritious and well supplied with protein, minerals and
a) Ложным
b) В тексте нет информации
c) Истинным
2. Определите, является ли утверждение:
There is no a considerable demand for high-quality bacon.
a) Ложным
b) В тексте нет информации
c) Истинным
3. Определите, является ли утверждение:
Pigs can utilize a wide range of foods such as cereal grains and legumes into meat.
a) Ложным
b) В тексте нет информации
c) Истинным
4. Определите, является ли утверждение:
The pigsty must be warm, dry and well ventilated.
a) Ложным
b) В тексте нет информации
c) Истинным
5. Укажите, какой части текста (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) соответствует информация:
The food should also be of good digestibility, low in fibre and ground to a suitable
a) 3 с) 1 e) 4 g) 6
b) 5 d) 7 f) 2
6. Укажите, какой части текста (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) соответствует информация:
The pigs are weaned at 3 weeks of age.
a) 4 c) 3 e) 7 g) 6
b) 1 d) 2 f) 5
7. Какое утверждение является ответом на вопрос:
What promotes pig breeding?
a) Healthy and vigorous animals.
b) Cleanliness of equipment and housing.
c) The greatest skill in breeding, feeding and management.
d) High-quality food supply.
8. Определите основную идею текста:
a) Market demand.
b) Fattening pigs.
c) The systems of pig breeding.
d) Pig breeding.
IX. Выполните итоговый тест. Заполните пропуск.
1. “We _______ and _______, but none the wiser _______,” said the 17th century
clergyman John Pomfret.
a) are living, are learning, are getting
b) have lived, have learnt, have got
c) had lived, had learnt, have got
d) live, learn, get
2. Everybody in Wales _______ speak English, but it is not everybody’s first
a) should
b) have to
c) ought to
d) can
3. In Fleet Street and its surroundings all the great national newspapers ______, this
is a centre of British journalism.
a) are being produced
b) are produced
c) have been produced
d) were produced
4. Like everyone else the British love football – in fact, they _______ it.
a) invented
b) were inventing
c) invent
d) have invented
5._______ their supper, the family started watching television.
a) Finished
b) Being finished
c) Having finished
d) Having been finished
6. Brothers and sisters _______ to take care of each other.
a) are able to
b) can
c) must
d) ought
7. We shall not be able to catch the train _______ at five.
a) left
b) leaving
c) having been left
d) having left
8. I was growing more and more excited, for I ______ a hurricane before.
a) have never seen
b) never saw
c) had never seen
d) will never see
9. The girl _______ next to Emma is her niece.
a) being sat
b) having been sat
c) sitting
d) having sat
10. Your face seems familiar to me. We ______ have met somewhere.
a) should
b) ought
c) must
d) need
11. The letter ______ yesterday was most welcome.
a) receiving
b) having received
c) being received
d) received
12. Do you want a sandwich? – No, thanks, I ______ just ______ lunch.
a) have __ had
b) was __ having
c) had __ had
d) am__having
13. _______ of her arrival, I went to see her.
a) To tell
b) Telling
c) Being told
d) Told
14. The situation with the employment in the region was rather ______.
a) worried
b) worrying
c) having worried
d) being worried
15. The telephone ________. Will you answer it?
a) rings
b) is ringing
c) has rung
d) has been ringing
X. Переведите на русский язык и выучите наизусть следующие диалоги.
1. – Hello, I’m new here. My name’s Sarah Guerra.
- I’m Jake Barnes. Nice to meet you, Miss G

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