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Выберите правильный вариант.
1. Is it (your, yours) medal or his? – It's (her, hers). 2. (Mine, my) result is better than (your, yours). 3. Look at those rated athletes. They are (our, ours) champions. 4. It is not (their, theirs) yacht. (Their, theirs) is bigger. 5. (Your, yours) achievement is (my, mine) achievement. 6. Is (your, yours) coach helpful? (Mine, my) is not at all. 7. Can we use (your, yours) canoe? (Our, ours) is out of order. 8. Is this puck (him, his) or (her, hers)? 9. Meet Mr. Bean. He is a famous javelin thrower and friend of (our, ours).

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