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Use Infinitive or -ing form.
l. It was quite late when they saw Martin (come) up the other side of the street. They saw him (pause) in front of his house (look) up at it and (knock) at the door. 2. My parents let me (stay) at Molly's house last weekend. They agreed (take) me to his place in the car and they made me (promise) to behave myself. 3. Mel hates (answer the phone. And very often Mel just lets it (ring).
Put one of the given verbs in the correct form infinitive or gerund
to see. to lock. to explain. to go. to show. to play. to listen. to do, to write, to earn, to discuss, to drive, to look, to speak. to understand. to do. to stay. to work. to spend
l. The boys like... tennis but not... this in bad weather. 2. Try... this correctly. 3. He likes... in his cabinet 4. I prefer ...my car myself. 5. I advice you ...at my place and ...for a new flat 6. Let's ...this tomorrow, I'm tired now.
the Infinitive or Gerund. Insert prepositions Complete the sentences using either ILI" if necessary. PackpoirTe cKo6KH, ynorpe6 r
l. He used. (think) that life ended at 40, but now when he's 4 ,he knows it's not true 2, (make) such a terrible noise 3 It's five in the moming, I'm not used (get) up this early 4. It's possible cut with this knife It's blur 5. My father enjoys (isten) to jazz music 6. I'm sorry (hear) that your mother isn't well 7. Harry looked so funny that l couldn't help looking much of a hu 8. l help them (find) what they were for as l was in too couldn't 9, I'd like, (cook) something special when guests come. lo What do you feel like .(do) tonight? 11 My dad promised (buy) me a bike it'Ipassed my exams well 12.1 hate (wait) in queues. lt really annoys me 13. I looked forward (sec) you again soon loud playing on the radio. 14 It's difficult (concentrate) when there's 15 We stopped for a while (admire) the scenery 16 He can't afford (hire) a taxi every day 17 ls it worth (run) such an awful risk? 18. Would you mind (fetch) another chair? 19 I offered (pay) for the meal, but she refused 20, I'm sorry... (disturb) you, but could you tell me the time?

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