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1. If I ________________(earn) more money, I _________________ (live) in
a bigger flat.
2. If I _______________(not stop) at the service station, I
___________________(run) out of petrol.
3. If I _____________(be) right, they _____________ (not find) anything
4. If they _____________(ask) me to move out, I _______________(refuse).
5. I ____________________(call) him if I ____________________(not lose)
his phone number.
6. If Tom ______________(be) here, he ___________________(know) what
to do.
7. If they ________________(know) the secret secret code, they
___________________ ( steal) the money that was in the safe.
8. If the house ________________(be) cheaper, we ________________(buy)
9. If I ______________(have) my glasses here, I ____________(can) read the
10.He _____________________(get) it if he _______________ (try), but he
11.They __________________(let) you in if you ______________(be) over 18.
12.If you ___________(make) a noise, I ___________ (send) you out.
13.If they _____________(be) hungry when they arrive, I
_______________(prepare) lunch.
14.If Tina ________________( not pass) her exams, her parents
_______________(be) very angry.
15.If the bank _____________(offer) them a loan, they
_______________(accept) it.
16.We _____________(have) a party if she ________ (get) her driving license.
17.If I _______________(know) the baby was sleeping, I
________________(not make) a noise.
18.If I______________(be) any good at maths I _____________(help) you.
19.If the children ______________ (play) in the mud, they __________ (get)
20.If he ___________(not be) a liar, he ___________(have) more friends.
21.If I _______________(stay) at home this morning I
________________(meet) him when he came.

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