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Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word from the box and find out how to play netball.

Ball basketball caught court defenders
difference girls keep fit played players proper recognised throw

Текст с пропусками:
Netball is my favourite sport. I play netball for my school. The first game of netball was (1)__________ in the UK in 1895. Netball has something in common with basketball. That's because it started off· a women's variant of (2)__________ in America. The really big (3)__________ between netball and basketball is that you can't dribble the (4)__________ . A netball (5)__________ has three parts and each team has seven (6)__________ . You can't (7)__________ the ball the whole length of the court, it has to be passed through every part of it. During the game the players can't touch each other and the (8)__________ have to be 0.9 metres away from the player with the ball. The game is really fast and, if you (9)__________ the ball, you only have three seconds to give it to another player. Netball was (10)__________ as so. Olympic sport in 1995. Although it's traditionaly been a (11)__________ sport, some boys are now playing it too. I like playing netball because I (12)__________ by doing something that I enjoy. For me netball is a (13)__________ girls' sports.

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