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Упр. 120. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нуж­ном времени.

1. You already (to see) this film? — Yes, I (to see) it two days ago. I (to think) it (to be) rather interesting.

2. They already (to get) to the railway station and I (to think) they (to wait) for their train now.

3. What he (to do) now? — He (to play) the new piano which his parent (to buy) him this morning.

4. She already (to walk) in the park for two hours.

5. Last night my telephone (to ring) four times. Each time I (to answer) the phone, the person at the other end (to ring) off.
6. The police just (to discover) a bomb in this office. They already (to evacuate) the building.

7. She (to see) very tired when she (to get) home yester­day. She (to have) a bad day.

8. After he (to work) for ten hours, he came home and (to fall) asleep.

9. You ever (to be) frightened by something? - Yes, I (to be) frightened by a strange noise in the bushes when I (to run) round the park last week.

10. The day before yesterday he told me that he (not to come) home by seven on Sunday.

11. In the programme we (to watch) last night, they (to kill) animals for their fur.

12. She (to begin) doing her lessons at five. It is seven o'clock but she still (to do) her lessons. When she (to finish) doing them at last?

13. I (not to be) sure now that they (to write) the test by four o'clock.

14. When we (to help) our mother about the house last Sunday, our father (to come) and (to invite) us to cafe.

15. Look! The emergency services (to remove) the sand which oil (to cover).

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