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19. Complete the sentences with the proper forms of the Infinitive. 

1. There appears _____________ (to be) a mistake over the numbers in your yesterday’s report. 2. The building appears ________________ (to use) as a hospital during the war. 3. There appears ______________ (to be) very little we can do about it. 4. She seems ___________________ (to change) her mind. 5. The storm turned out ___________________ (to miss) Florida. 6. His statement turned out _____________ (to be) false. 7. William’s words seemed ___________________ (to calm) her down a little. 8. She is bound ________________ (to find out) the truth sooner or later. 9. George’s overseas voyage seems ________________ (to help) him come to terms with some dark facts about his roots. 10. In the past two years Debbie seems ________________________ (to do one’s utmost) to realize her full potential as a scholar.

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