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Cross out the verbs which do not fit in the following presentation extracts. The first one has been done for you as an example.
1.First of all, I'd like to p d e w / wei4e-w/ outline the main points of my talk.
2.Perhaps I should start off by pointing/ stressing/ reminding that this is just a preliminary report. Nothing has been finalized as yet.
3.But later on I will, in fact, be putting forward/ putting out/ putting over several detailed proposals.
4.One thing I'll be dealing with / referring/ regarding is the issue of a minimum wage.
5.And I'll also be asking / raising/ putting the question of privatization.
6.So, what we're really driving at / aiming at/ looking at are likely developments in the structure of the company over the next five to ten years.
7.If we could just draw / focus/ attract our attention on theshort-termobjectives to begin with.
8.The eighteen-monthplan, which by now you should've all had time to look at, outlines/ reviews/ sets out in detail our main recommendations.
9.Basically, what we're suggesting / asking/ reviewing is a complete reorganization of staff and plant,
10.I'd now like to turn / draw/ focus my attention to some of the difficulties we're likely to face.
11.I'm sure there's no need to draw out / spell out/ think out what the main problem is going to be.
12.But we do need to seriously ask / answer/ address the question of how we are going to overcome it.
13.The basic message I'm trying to get through / get across/ get to here is simple. We can't rely on government support for much longer.
14.Disappointing e n d - ~ f - ~ efiguresa underline / undermine/ underestimate the seriousness of the situation.
15.And the main conclusion we've thought / got to/ come to is that massive corporate restructuring will be necessary before any privatization can go through.

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