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1. He ... a good man.
a) are
b) am
c) is
2. I ... a new flat.
1. has got
2. have got
3. will have got
3. ... two windows in the room.
1. there is
2. there are
3. there will be
4. There are ... books in the bookcase.
1. some
2. any
3. anything
5. ... ask you a question?
1. must
2. can
3. may
6. The suit is a little tight ... you.
a) for
b) on
c) with
7. David’s car isn’t big. He wants a ... one.
a) biggest
b) most biggest
c) bigger
8. They always ... dictionaries at the lesson.
a) use
b) uses
c) have used
9. He ... absent from class yesterday.
a) is
b) was
c) will be
10. Next week he ... in Moscow.
a) was
b) has been
c) will be
11. I haven’t got the slightest idea what you ... about.
a) talking
b) are talking
c) talk
12.When you came, I ... an article.
a) read
b) am reading
c) was reading
13. We ... our examination at 2 o’clock tomorrow.
a) shall be having
b) shall have
c) have
14. I ...never ...him and I don’t know what he looks like.
a) had met
b) have met
c) was met
15. They ... for two hours, then he said that he was to see some of his friends.
a) had talked
b) has talked
c) talked
16. I am sure they ... the work by August.
a) will have finished
b) was finished
c) will finish
17. The text ... by the students now.
a) is being translated
b) translate
c) was translated
18. After a short rest we ... for sightseeing tour of the city.
a) invited
b) was invited
c) were invited
19. The documents ... in the file.
a) are kept
b) keep
c) are keeping
20. These shirts are clean. They ... .
a) are washed
b) have been washed
c) will be washed
21. Ann said that her car ... .
a) is stolen
b) had been stolen
c) has been stolen
22.I caught sight of a lean man ... in the opposite direction.
a) moved
b) is moving
c) moving
23. The manager was not in. Otherwise the secretary ... you.
a) would tell
b) will tell
c) would have told
24. On ... Kiev I found waiting for me an urgent request that I should go to my mother’s place.
a) reaching
b) have reached
c) having reached
25.They required me ... at 8 a.m.
a) arrive
b) arrived
c) to arrive

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