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Прочитай текст и напиши на вопросы полные ответы.
London has many famous shops and stores. But many people prefer to go to street markets, because they are the really interesting places. Most of them work only at weekends.
In Portobello Road they sell old things – old, but interesting. It is collectors’ market. Here you can find a lot of unusual things – old matchboxes, old pictures from China and so on.
Covent Garden is another famous place in the centre of London. The very old fruit and vegetable market is not there now. The big trucks take the fruit and the vegetables to a new market near the Thames. Without the trucks and the market Covent Garden is a different place. But it is still a busy place. It has new shops and cafes. You can sit at a café table and listen to music. You can meet friends and sit in the sun – or sit out of the rain in the old market buildings.

1 When can you go shopping to the street markets?

2 Where can you buy old things for your collections?

3 Where is Covent Garden?

4 What is there in Covent Garden now?

5 Where can you hide from the rain in rainy weather there?

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