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2 Определите к какому типу сложных предложений относятся следующие предложения (сложносочиненные, сложноподчиненные), переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. The more you study special subjects, the better specialist in the field of fire science you’ll become.
2. Firemen can extinguish a fire with the help of first aid appliances when it is small.
3. The inert gas should be free of oxygen when it is used in fire extinction.
4. When the rate of combustion reaction is very slow only heat energy is evolved during the process.
5. When a gas – air mixture was heated to its ignition point it was dangerous to firemen to enter the burning building without breathing apparatus.
6. In some cases water can be used on electrical fires if electrical equipment is made electrically dead.
7. The fire was burning violently and there was nobody to extinguish it.
8. They have been involved in that crime and now they are to be punished for that.
9. If you explained the child the danger of a fire play he would be safer.
10. An industrial property may catch fire if someone carelessly throws a cigarette into a pile of trash.
11. Firefighter should wait at the entrance until the officer gives the permission to advance.
12. Precautions should be taken while making inspections in the basements or attics where piles of combustible materials can be accumulated.
13. In the first phase the oxygen content in the air is not significantly reduced and the fire produces water vapour, carbon dioxide and other gases.
14. Water is the most common extinguishant because it is cheap and easily available.
15. Hose lines are of little value if they are not advanced to the seat of the fire during the initial attack.

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