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Progress check
Rewrite the sentences using the PASSIVE VOICE
They close the library at 9 o’clock every day.
Our father painted the fence (забор) last week.
My parents will visit our granny tomorrow.
Jim gave Marry some books.
Complete the sentences paying your attention to Conditionals
If you (tell) the truth, they (trust) you.
He (buy) this car if he (have) more money.
Mary (not stay) at home if she (feel) well.
If you (read) this book, you (know) the answer.
If the boys (listen) to teachers? They (study) better.
Translate these sentences into Russian
We would like you to visit us.
We expect them to arrive on Friday.
I don’t want you to be in this company.
I hate you to play the piano.
Open the brackets using the appropriate form of the pronoun.
Kate lef t (her/hers) gloves on the bench.
This is (my/mine) house and (him/his/he) is next to (my/mine).
- What is (your/yours) name?
Ann and (your/yours) ?
These books are (our/ours).

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