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Употребите правильную форму глагола в скобках.
It’s Friday evening. Denis (walk) in the centre of Moscow to the metro station. He (meet) his friend Igor, who (go) in the same direction.
Denis — Hallo, Igor. Where you (hurry) to?
Igor — I (go) to my uncle’s place. I (go) there once a month to take the money which my father (send) me.
D. — Why your father not (send) it to you?
I. — He not (want) to send it by post, as my father and my uncle’s son (work) together in the country, so my father always (give) him some money for me.
D. — Shall we take a bus? I (see) that you (limp)1.
I. — I usually (go) by bus. But today I not (have) any money left.
D. — Oh, usually I not (use) public transport very much. My mother (say) that I (get) too fat, so I (try) to take more exercise. And by the way, why you (wear) shoes that not (fit)?
I. — They (be) new. And the left one (rub) a lot, that’s why I (limp).
D. — You can’t walk like that. Let’s take the bus. It usually (come) at about this time.
I. — It (come) now, look. But I not (have) any money.
D. — Well, not (worry)! I can lend you some. Come on, not (argue). The driver (wait) for us.

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