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Задание 1.
a) Замените придаточные предложения инфинитивными оборотами.
Образец: He is so old that he cannot skate. He is too old to skate.
1. She has got so fat that she cannot wear this dress now. 2. The accident was so terrible that I don't want to talk about it. 3. They were so empty-headed that they could not learn a single thing. 4. The window was so dirty that they could not see through it.
b) Переведите, обращая внимание на инфинитив.
1. Isn't it natural that we like to be praised and don't like to be scolded? 2. Which is more pleasant: to give or to be given presents? 3. He is very forgetful, but he doesn't like to be reminded of his duties. 4. The child was happy to have been brought home. 5. Jane remembered to have been told a lot about Mr. Rochester. 6. The children were delighted to have been brought to the circus. 7. I am sorry to have spoilt your mood. 8. Maggie was very sorry to have forgotten to feed the rabbits.

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