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Найдите в следующих предложениях инфинитив, определите его функцию и письменно переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. To ensure the stability of government, the governor general will usually appoint as prime minister the person who is the current leader of the political party that can obtain the confidence of a plurality in the House of Commons.
2. An adversarial parliamentary system is intended to keep the government in check.
3. Canada's judiciary plays an important role in interpreting laws and has the power to strike down laws that violate the Constitution.
4. The Crown, acting on the advice of the prime minister, provides the necessary Royal Assent to make bills into law. It also summons, prorogues, and dissolves parliament in order to call an election.
5. The monarch is personally represented in each area by a viceroy to carry out the majority of the Queen's duties on her behalf.
6. If no party holds a majority in the Commons, the leader of one party— either the one with the most seats or one supported by other parties— will be called by the governor general to form a minority government.
7. In some cases the jurisdictions of the federal and provincial parliaments may be vague. The examples include the powers of both the federal and provincial parliaments to impose taxes, borrow money, punish crimes, and regulate agriculture.
8. The last formal meeting of the Privy Council was held in 1981 to give formal consent to the marriage of the Prince of Wales to the Lady Diana Spencer.
9. The Canadian constitution gives the federal government the exclusive right to legislate criminal law while the provinces have exclusive control over civil law.
10. Each province and territory in Canada has a Provincial (or Territorial) Court, to hear certain types of cases.

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