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Ex.8. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense,
Present Simple or Present Continuous
1. Microsoft always (develop) up-to-date software.
2. The number of people who use the Internet (increase) rapidly
3. Ford (have) both foreign and domestic subsidiaries.
4. Mr. Wells (discuss) some important business issues on the phone
5. I usually (make) appointments for the first part of the day.
6. They (look for) a reasonable solution to this problem at the
7. Their department (consist of) two employees.
8. The suppliers (want) to discuss the prices today.
9. This month the company (run) a new advertising campaign.
10. He (not look through) the mail in the morning because he is
usually very busy.
11. China (expand) its trade connections to more and more
12. When Bill (not like) the film on TV he (switch on) his computer
and (watch) films on U-tube.

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