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Rusavto as international road carrier has been operating in the world
market of transportation and forwarding services since 1968.
It is a major transport company which deals with first-class partners
throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and carries out large orders
of about 2 million tons every year. For the last few years international carriage
of goods has considerably increased. The volume of transported cargoes
is growing, new routes appear, and the range of goods is becoming wider.
In the European market of transport services the Company closely cooperates
with more than a hundred international transport and forwarding
The Company has an up-to-date fleet about 3,500 motor vehicles with
a carrying capacity of 20 to 30 tons and a body volume of 60 to 103 cu.m.
which are capable of carrying any cargoes, including those requiring certain
temperature conditions, containers, large-size and bulky cargoes. More
than half the trucks are the products of such well-known manufacturers
as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo etc. Among the imported semi-trailers are
Trailor, Schmitz, and Koegel. All these vehicles satisfy the international
requirements regarding technical reliability, safety of goods, and ecological
standards. The vehicles of Rusavto meet the requirements of international
transportation by road and are used on the routes of the CIS and Europe.
The Company transports large consignments on the door-to-door
principle. It also handles small consignments of less than 5 tons at their terminals
in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other places, stores them in warehouses,
makes customs clearance and delivers groupage cargo to the final
B. Reread the text and say if the statements below are true or false. Correct
the false statements.
1. Rusavto carries very small consignments to Germany.
2. Rusavto trucks do not meet the requirements of international transportation
regarding ecological standards.
3. They have been operating in the international market since 1988.
4. The Rusavto fleet of vehicles is about 3,500 trucks and semi-trailers.
5. Rusavto has terminals throughout Russia and the CIS.
6. Frozen chicken does not require temperature conditions during
7. Rusavto buys new vehicles from American manufacturers.
8. Rusavto does not make customs clearance.
C. Look through the text again and say what was mentioned in the text
a) road transport of goods;
b) the Rusavto fleet of vehicles;
c) the transport services Rusavto offers their clients

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