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1. Study your active vocabulary:
terrain (n) местность; особенности территории
Sicily Сицилия (Италия)
island (n) остров
to a certain degree в определенной степени
to be activity conscious деятельно настроенный
cultural heritage культурное наследие
in the main большей частью
to be popular with somebody быть популярным среди кого-либо
stream (n) поток
itinerary (n) маршрут
terrain (n) местность
wild life дикая жизнь
volcano (n) вулкан
geological formations геологических формаций.
landscape (n) пейзаж
glorious (adj) славные
criteria (n, pl.) критерии
2. Write 10 sentences with the new words.
3. Match these words with the definitions below in the written form:
Foreigner, stream, landscape, volcano, area, project, sustainable, cuisine,
1. a region or part of a town, a country, or the world;
2. all the visible features of an area of land, often considered in terms of their
aesthetic appeal;
3. able to be maintained at a certain rate or level;
4. a person born in or coming from a country other than one’s own’
5. a style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country,
region, or establishment;
6. a mountain from which hot melted rock, gas, steam, and ash from inside the
earth sometimes burst;
7. a piece of land surrounded by water;
8. an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a
particular aim;
9. a small, narrow river.
4. Combine the words with the help of preposition of and translate them in the
written form:
1. most a) Italy
2. examples b) developing
3. periods c) archaeological itineraries
4. the map d) life
5. diversity e) tourists
6. a wide variety f) almost every periods
7. part g) geological formations
8. ways h) a European Community project
9. the south i) Mediterranean culture
10. cultural way j) reasons
5. Translate these words into Russian in the written form:
A high percentage; a steady stream; to the present day; active volcano
surrounded; entirely different; an amazingly beautiful; to appreciate the
countryside; our glorious beaches; now far more activity conscious; sustainable
tourism; the protected areas; our chief employer.
6. Read an interview with Signor Pacini of the Sicilian Tourist Board who is
talking about tourism in Sicily and how the regional government is trying to
improve the industry there and then be ready to fulfill the tasks after this
I. – the Interviewer S.P. – Signor Pacini
I. Where do most of your tourists come from?
S.P. Well, a high percentage is Italians, and then other Europeans in the main.
And now we are getting a steady stream of tourists from the States, and
from Japan.
I. And what do they do when they come?
S.P. The Italians mostly want to be able to enjoy the sun and the sea. Though
of course, there are many other reasons why Sicily is so popular both
with Italians and foreigners.
I. Such as?
S.P. There’s the fact that we have here examples of almost every periods of
Mediterranean culture, from the Greek period right through to the present
day, which puts Sicily firmly on the map of the cultural and
archaeological itineraries. Then there’s the geography and geology, the
terrain and the flowers and wild life.
I. What, in particular?
S.P. Well, for example, there’s Etna with its still active volcano surrounded of
course by its own national park. But we have such a diversity of
geological formations and also of climatic changes that each area is
entirely different. It’s an amazingly beautiful and varied landscape for
the ecotourism.
I. ... and so they come for a wide variety of reasons. But are their demands
the same as, say, they were five years ago?
S.P. To a certain degree, yes. They want to enjoy our cultural heritage, to
enjoy our cuisine, to appreciate the countryside, to spend some time on
our glorious beaches, though they are now far more activity conscious
and more interested in visiting areas that are not established “tourism
resorts”. But they also want better services. In particular they demand,
and quite rightly so, better accommodation. And we feel that all this is
very important.
We are now part of a European Community project to look at ways of
developing and promoting sustainable tourism in the south of Italy. In
this project we will be developing criteria to rate hotels uniformly,
looking at the transport infrastructure, considering the main tourism
cultural itineraries, and looking at the protected areas so we can produce
strategies to develop their potential, to promote them internationally and
to maintain our regional, cultural way of life. We need tourism. It is our
chief employer – but it must be sustainable.
7. Answer the following questions in the written form:
1. Why do tourists come to Sicily?
2. Are they attracted only by the climate?
3. What else attracts people to those places?
4. Why is it a popular itinerary for ecotourism?
5. How are tourists’ requirements changing?
6. What is your understanding of the words “they are now far more activity
7. What do modern tourists demand?
8. What is the idea of a European Community project to promote sustainable
9. Why do the Italians need tourism?
10. What kind of tourism do they need?
8. Write down if the sentences are true or false; if necessary correct them:
1. The main guests to Sicily are people from African countries and Russia.
2. Weather is not good in Sicily.
3. Culture is very rich in Sicily
4. There are a lot of volcanoes in Sicily.
5. There is a national park near Etna.
6. Tourists do not like their native cuisine.
7. Service is good in Sicily and tourists do not want any good.
8. Sicily is in the north of Italy.
9. Look through the text once more and choose the best alternative to complete
each sentence below in the written form:
1. The most of the tourists … .
a) like Sicily very much;
b) know nothing about Sicily;
c) come from Europe, the States and Japan.
2. All the tourists come to Sicily because … .
a) the price to rest here is very low;
b) they can enjoy the sun and the sea;
c) it is a good rest with children.
3. Rich history and culture puts Sicily … .
a) on the first place in the world heritage;
b) firmly on the map of the cultural and archaeological itineraries;
c) among the most famous resorts of the world.
4. The areas of Sicily is rich in … .
a) flora and fauna and wild life;
b) mineral resources;
c) silver and gold.
5. Etna with its still active volcano surrounded by … .
a) exotic birds and animals;
b) rare flowers and trees;
c) its own national park.
6. In Sicily one can also find .. .
a) a diversity of geological formations;
b) everything that is necessary for rest;
c) a lot of places of interest.
7. Sicily is amazingly beautiful and has a varied landscape that’s why .. .
a) it is visited by many people from al the world;
b) it has a great value to ecotourism;
c) it is a well known resort in the world.
8. All tourists when in Sicily want to enjoy … .
a) hot sun and warm water in the sea;
b) good service in the hotels;
c) cultural heritage and remarkable cuisine.
9. The tourists like to spend … .
a) some time on the glorious beaches;
b) their money buying exotic things;
c) their time visiting places of interest.
10. Nowadays tourists coming to Sicily more interested in … .
a) reading interesting books about this exotic island;
b) buying photos of this remarkable island;
c) visiting areas that are not established “tourism resorts”.
11. Because Sicily is a part of a European Community project they look at
ways of … .
a) developing and promoting sustainable tourism in the south of Italy;
b) developing and promoting sustainable tourism in the north of Italy;
c) improving their air and water transport to the commodity of tourists.
12. Working in this project provides … .
a) many possibilities for tour operators;
b) the developing criteria to rate hotels uniformly;
c) the specialists of high qualification.
13. The fulfillment of the aims of the project will give possibilities … .
a) to maintain the regional and cultural way of life in Sicily;
b) to invite many tourists to the island;
c) to introduce Sicily as the main tourist’s center.
14. Sicily needs tourism because … .
a) it is the chief employer of the island;
b) the island is very beautiful;
c) it is possibility to develop ecotourism.
10. Write down a short story about tourism in Sicily.

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