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3.Помогите пожалуйста (дополнить диалог) Complete the dialogue in the written form:
A: As far as I know the range of travel-related jobs is very high. Tell me, please,
what is the common feature of all jobs in tourism.
B: Travel-related jobs are best suited for …
A: It’s interesting to know what are the basic jobs in tourism.
B: I think they are …
A: I wonder what is the range of activities of travel agencies.
B: They plan holidays, … .
A: What …?
B: I suppose tour operators need people for selling the concept and then to
accompany the groups to the destinations.
A: How many …?
B: To my mind, there are three categories of tourist guides: …, …, and … … .
A: And what jobs do airlines require, I wonder?
B: In my opinion, they require …
A: Tell me, please, what … .
B: The holidays consultants sell the holidays, plan out the itineraries and help in
travel plans, and arrange for ticketing and other details as well.
A: What services do banks provide for their clients?
B: As a matter of fact, they help in … .
A: In what ways is the tourist industry promoted?
B: As far as I know, there are … .

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