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Choose the best variant for each gap
l. A contract may __ as a legally binding agreement,
a) define b) be defined с) defining
2. Another way of ___ contracts is according to whether they are bilateral or unilateral
a) Classify b) be Classified C) classifying
3. They must ___ agreement before __the contract.
a) reach, Sign b) reaching, signing с) have reached, signing
4. Не denied these terms into the contract.
a) inserting b) insert с) being inserted
5. The contract by deed must by both parties.
a) be signed b) being signed с) having signed
6. ___ by the International Court, the situation in the region began to Improve.
a) Having been considered b) Considering C) Havaig consudered
7. This document is said ___ 2 days before.
a) to be Signed b) being signed c) to have been Signed
8. The first question __ is the method of ___.
a) to consider, cooperating b) considering, cooperate C) consider, cooperating
9. The bank made its client __ money.
a)to pay b) pay C) paying
10. They are examining the crimanal __ in 2014.
a) catching b) having caught c) caught
11. I heard the witness ___ while I was passing past the court-room.
a) to speak b) speak c) speaking
12. Valuable consideration must consist of something capable of ___ in money.
a) having estimated b) estimating c) being estimated
13. He remembers ___ by the police last year.
a) having been traced b) being traced c) to be traced
14. He admitted ___ dependant upon their financial support.
a) being b) be c) to be
15. ___ married leads to the creation of new rights and obligations between the couple/
a) Having got b) Getting c) To get
16. There is no legal obligation on the girl ___ her name after ___ married.
a) changing, get b) to change, getting c) change, getting
17. John has decided to give up ___ criminal offences because of ___.
a) committing, being prosecuted b) to commit, prosecuting c) to commit, being prosecuted
18. In such a case the banking system in unable ___ the client.
a) respond b) to respond c) responding
19. The lawyer suggested ___ payment from the bank.
a) request b) to request c) requesting
20. Labour law is a system of rules ___ labour relations.
a) being regulated b) regulating c) having been regulated

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