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Найдите в тексте предложения с пассивным залогом (Passive Voice)
и выпишите их.
A financial audit is usually done annually through 3 main steps.
1. Interim review. This is the first approach to the company. It usually covers the first half of the financial year. For instance, if a company closes its accounts yearly on December 31, the interim review will cover January to June.
The purpose is to understand the business of the company, the environment in which it operates (this includes aspects such as competition, legal requirements, economy, etc), what its main issues are to figure out what audit risks are from an audit point of view.
2. Hard close. This audit precedes the closing date. For a company closing on December 31, the Hard Close would typically occur using numbers as of November 30. Note: some hard closes are performed using the numbers as of the preceding quarter end (i.e. in the above example as of September 30). The purpose is to audit all movements year to date. This audit step is not on the audit during Final.
3. Final. This is the latest step of the audit, usually some weeks after the closing. Thanks to the work already done during the Hard Close, only the remaining range between the date of the Hard Close and the closing has to be audited.
Audit has some specific features throughout the world but has some main components. One of the main problems in audit is the conflict between the need to control a company and the business relationship. On the one hand, the audit company has to thoroughly check the books, but on the other hand, it has to keep its customer that is its source of revenue. In practical terms, this means that the audit company will try to protect itself by carrying out the minimum checks, but if it has a slight doubt, it won't go further if the client is a bit reluctant to give out information.

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