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Complete the text with the verbs in brackets.

Sloths live in trees and eat mainly leaves, twigs and fruit. In fact if you (1)
(be) a sloth, you (2)
(spend) most of your life hanging upside down from a tree. This is the safest place for sloths. If a sloth (3)
(stay) completely still, predators (4)
(not realize) if it is there, because it has green algae living on its skin, and it is difficult to see. Sloths move very slowly on the ground, but if they (5)
(go) in water, they (6)
(swim) extremely well. However they have low body temperature, and if they (7)
(remain) too long in hot sunlight, they (8)
(die). Sloths are not large animals, growing to about one meter in length. On the other hand. If you (9)
(be) In North America 20,000 years ago, you (10)
(see) a giant ground sloth, as large as an elephant! These giant sloths died out thousands of years ago, Modern sloths live in the rainforest of South America, and they are in danger, like many Rainforest animals. If human beings (11)
(continue) to destroy the rain forest, sloths (12)
(become) extinct.

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