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7 Complete the conditionals with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets 1 If Tony (offer) me a lift on his bike, I always say'no '2 If he (keep) driving like that, he'll have a crash. 3 (risk) riding a motorbike in this weather if I were you. 4 I'd lend you my car if I (take) it to be serviced 5 I'd have called an ambulance i I (have) my phone with me. 6 If he (wear a crash helmet, his injuries would be much worse. 7 If he (be) a more careful driver, he would not have skidded off the road. 8 These days if it rains, Tony (catch) the bus . 9 He will not ride a motorbike again unless the bank (agree) to lend him the money for a new one.

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