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Across the Indian Ocean, or the vast Australian desert, is Perth: A modern city of nearly 2 million people.
The capital of Western Australia follows the Swan River from the port of Fremantle to its source in the Darling Range.
Perth's remoteness gives the city a unique feel and many say this is Australia's friendliest metropolis.
The sunny, clean city is also among the most livable cities in the world.
The surrounding nature and wealth of mineral resources attracts people from all corners of the globe.
Some say the best thing about Perth is its coastline with pristine beaches and clear water.
Others head straight for the delicious food and wine in the Swan Valley.
In between is the compact city center, with beautiful parks and fun attractions.
Perth's cityscape shows a mix of styles, from towering Art Deco to the cozy Tudor-inspired London Court.
Modern glass offices and limestone facades reflect the sky and the earth, as well as the future and the past.
For a birds-eye view of it all, make your way to the top of the iconic Swan Bell Tower.
Nearby Kings Park is where the first explorers found a natural spring and is still a place for discovery.
You could spend all day in this inner-city haven, which is larger than New York's Central Park.
Walk through the Botanic Gardens and pause at monuments and remarkable trees.
Browse the downtown Art Gallery of Western Australia to witness the development of the state through art: From the early days of farming and wool trade to the establishment of the Swan River Colony in 1829.
Soon after settlement, the state's first botanists started to grow grapes on the water's edge and Western Australia is now a world-famous wine region.
Take a day trip out to the Swan Valley if you have a nose for quality produce.
The area is full of boutique wineries, so take your time to find your preferred Chardonnay or Pinot Noir!
Many of the early farmers caught gold fever in the late 19th century.
Tour the Royal Mint to see the largest gold coin ever made and admire some of the greatest gold nuggets from the region.
Crikey, imagine finding THAT!
Perth's present-day treasure is Cottlesloe Beach and the best thing is: it is right on the city's doorstep.
Rent a board and join the locals on the perfects waves.
Visit the Western Australia Museum to learn about the state's archeological treasures and amazing marine environment.
See the real thing in the aquarium in Hillary's Boat Harbour.
Just outside, the Sorrento Quay boardwalk is a great place for a sunset dinner.
From the harbour, or the Barracks downtown, take the ferry to Rottnest Island.
"Rotto" has long been the favorite weekend getaway for Perth's city dwellers.
Snorkel in the warm Indian Ocean and walk along the stunning coastline.
Keep your camera ready for surprising wildlife encounters!
Western Australia has plenty of riches to share and as the state capital, Perth has turned dust into gold.
If you love surf, sand and sun and a little solitude, Perth is waiting to be discovered.